The After Sales ACCESS database gives you access to exclusive market data that helps you to understand and keep an overview of all 35 European markets.

The database provides insights into the market structures and market participants at all levels of trade, including workshops. The data is permanently and conscientiously researched by our team and our partner experts.

Get an overview and stay up to date.

01. Content

After Sales ACCESS Database

Find the latest market figures, statistics and overviews on various areas of the automotive aftermarket in 35 European countries, divided into different modules in our database.


Company profiles of more than 3,900 companies distributing automotive components.

With just a few mouse clicks, for example, you can create a Top 20 list of the largest distributors for automotive parts.

Information you receive:

- Sales volume
- Number of branches
- Number of employees
- Who belongs to whom?
- Which workshop concepts are used?
- Contact details
- Distribution structure (split by large, medium, small Distributors)
- etc..


Overview of the trade and buying groups active in Europe and their members.

The database is immediately updated according to the latest market events such as a merger or acquisition. In this way, you always keep an eye on the retail sales of the trade and buying groups.


Aftermarket volume by general 10 product groups and IAM/OES split.

- Assemblies
- Electrics / electronics
- Body Parts / lighting
- Paint
- Mechanical replacement parts
- Oil / lubricants
- Accessories
- Car glass
- Other chemicals
- Tyres

The volume is expressed in the form of end user prices excluding VAT and salary.


Number of workshops by type of workshop in all 35 European countries.

Subdivided into branded workshops, independent workshops, tyre specialists, automotive glass specialists and automotive paint specialists.

Overview of all workshop concepts with number of connected workshops and details of which dealers supply these concepts.


Development of the vehicle population for cars, trucks and buses.

- New registrations
- Average age
- Age segments
- Average annual mileage

Car parks are divided by brand (Powered by TecAlliance).

02. Awesome features

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With our online application you have access to our information anytime and anywhere. Convince yourself of our advantages.

All Data at one place

No more data gathering from plenty different sources - we did it for you and present all information in a structured and comparable way - all out of one hand.


Access to our database from anywhere and at any time.


All data is prepared visually and changes dynamically with every selection made.


The underlying Business Intelligence architecture enables intuitive handling and enables the user to immediately analyze the available data in depth.


All data can be exported in the usual formats such as Excel CSV, JPG and PDF.


Individual evaluations or entire dashboards can simply be sent from the system by e-mail as PDF attachments and can even be pre-scheduled at fixed times.

Responsive Design

The responsive display of the database adapts to any size. From desktop to tablet to mobile phone.

03. New features

New features

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Distribution Overview

Discover new potentials

Are you sure you have all possible trading partners in view? Are you sufficiently supplied with information in all countries?

Benchmark for own figures

Do you need a neutral figures to compare your own data?

Recognising interrelationships

After the big wave of purchases, do you still have an overview of who belongs to whom?

Garage structures

Knowing the workshop landscape means knowing the sales market

How many workshops are there per country and how are they distributed according to workshop type?
In which countries does the IAM dominate and in which countries does the OES channel?

Workshop concepts

Which concepts can be found in which countries?
What is the proportion between independent workshops with concept and completely independent workshops?
Which dealer delivers to which system?

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Vehicle Data

Analyzing vehicle parc

A mix of number of vehicles, new registrations, vehicle age and average mileage brings together all the important indicators required for an initial analysis.

Step by step into the depths

For a more detailed analysis, with the kind support of TecAlliance, we provide a split of car parc by vehicle brand.
More detailed requirements are possible for an additional charge and can be easily integrated into the familiar interface.

Aftermarket Volumes

Know market sizes and calculate potentials

The overall size and the division into 10 product groups as well as into the "free market" and "brand-related market" channels provide a solid basis for more detailed potential calculations.

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04. How we work

After Saless ACCESS Database

Five of our twelve full-time employees are busy keeping all markets permanently up to date. This can only work with a well-developed network of experienced experts throughout Europe who regularly provides us with information from the respective markets.

Desk Research

General market movements and company information are largely gained through classical desk research.

Expert Interviews

Interviews are conducted with selected experts and important parts dealers in order to better assess market developments.


We regularly survey workshops and the parts distribution and receive plenty of structural information from different European countries. This information, such as the average number of repairs or number of productive employees, is used for market calculations and plausibility checks.


Of course we also use other existing databases. The availability of such information is constantly increasing and with it the lack of overview.
We see ourselves as "data filters" with subsequent processing in the context of the automotive aftermarket.


From research to results

Wolk after sales experts GmbH is a neutral information and consulting service network specialized in the automotive after sales market in Europe.

30 years experience in consulting the automotive aftermarket are the foundation for profitable, viable and secure solutions. An expert network of professional consultants helps us to identify future paths in the after sales market and to make it successful.

We analyze the automotive aftermarket in detail and develop customized, future-oriented solutions for companies in the automotive after sales market, from workshops up to producers. We support and accompany our customers in the implementation of projects until they are successfully achieved.

Our core competence extends to the automotive aftermarket sales business for cars, trucks and bikes; focussed on the market segments car service, car parts, accessories, tires, glass, chemicals and equipment.

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